This is what bad real estate marketing looks like

How to upset prospects and lose listings
  • Prospecting the recently deceased, listings that are still under contract and disaster ridden areas are icky tactics at best. Employ empathy, compassion and timing in your marketing efforts.

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Over the years, real estate agents have tried just about everything imaginable to get a leg up on the competition in an effort to get more clients and make more sales. Some of the marketing ideas these creative souls have implemented have been innovative and groundbreaking, but others' methods have left a bad taste in the mouths of their real estate industry peers. At times their tactics have been considered unprofessional or unethical, occasionally even crossing the line to illegal. Below, I've come up with a completely unscientific and definitely personally biased rating system for some of these marketing methods. 1. Prospecting the heirs of the recently deceased It takes a certain level of boldness to reach out to homeowners after their loved ones have passed, and that boldness goes up immeasurably when an agent shortens the waiting period, from let's say a month or two after the event, to just a few days. Although the method may not sit well with most, I don’t believe ...