10 tips for building a magnetic real estate team culture

Don’t be that dreaded micro-manager — you're better than that

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Culture is the stuff good businesses are made of. It's the character and personality of a company, including what makes the organization unique and its values, beliefs, traditions and attitudes. There’s no better place to work than an organization that has a strong sense of identity, with its values displayed in its culture. But it’s not easy to create, and without clear focus, it can drift. What’s the secret to creating a strong team culture? Here are my top 10 tips. Determine your values, and write them down You can’t really have a culture that you value until you know what your values are. Narrow down what you value, and assign a word or phrase to it, such as excellence, integrity, humility, etc. Whatever you narrow it down to, write the values down, and post them where you can see them and know them. For me, this value list is somewhat dynamic as I add to it and take away some over time. Once you have determined yours, lean into these values, and drive them dee...