7 ways real estate leaders can improve their social media

Real estate rockstars Sherry Chris, Spencer Rascoff, Morgan Carey and Sharran Srivatsaa share how they've mastered the social media game

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Inman is exploring what the future of real estate leadership should look like through a series of articles, Q&As with industry pros, and an upcoming five-part series called Leadership Week. Please send your feedback to leadership@inman.com. If you’re a leader who wants to join us for our exclusive Disconnect in The Desert event on March 26-28, or want to recommend a colleague, send a note to brad@inman.com explaining why. Social media, in many ways, has made the world a smaller place. People who once seemed out of reach, such as celebrities, politicians and leaders, now pop up in our feeds every day, posting pictures and videos of their personal lives and even engaging in conversation with the people they serve and entertain. According to a recent thread in Facebook group Inman Coast to Coast, many real estate leaders are struggling to follow suit and embrace the unique opportunity social media platforms provide -- the ability to step out of the "ivory tower" and connec...