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Eric Simon shares the behind-the-scenes of his new book ‘Commission: Impossible, Rogue Agent,’ co-authored with Eric Lee 
Mar 22
Sometimes doing the right thing is just the right thing to do, and as luck would have it, good fortune tends to follow
Aug 14
Take a page from these out-of-the-box marketing ideas
Apr 9
Kris Lindahl scored big with this viral marketing
Mar 6
How to upset prospects and lose listings
Nov 1

As a team leader who is constantly searching for ways to add value, I reached out to some of the best in the business to see how they contribute to their team’s success every day. Turns out they’re all basically working from the same playbook, whether they know it or not.

Oct 4
Accountability is the cornerstone of execution
Oct 3

Do you remember the movie Armageddon, starring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck? Toward the beginning of the movie a star-gazer named Karl spots a gigantic asteroid hurling through space from his backyard observatory and calls NASA to report it.

Sep 21