Startups unveil $4,000 home built with a 3-D printer

New Story and Icon team up to create an affordable housing prototype that could be used at scale in the developing world

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Technology startup Icon thinks that one day, 3-D printed homes could populate swaths of the United States. But to start, the early-stage company is building a prototype for affordable, 3-D printed housing for the developing world. Icon partnered with the nonprofit New Story, which provides housing to families in need in El Salvador, Haiti and soon Mexico. Together, the two companies built a 3-D printed home designed for the developing world and unveiled their $4,000 house in Austin, Texas, on Monday. "People have been making homes the same way for the last 50 years," New Story CEO Brett Hagler told Inman in an interview. "The only way to make a larger dent is by ushering in new technology to expedite time, decrease cost and improve the quality of the homes at the same time." Icon launched with the goal of working on 3-D printing for affordable housing, for custom (and probably expensive) homes in whatever designs homeowners would like, and for housing for space exploration...