Opendoor posts job listings in Charlotte, Minneapolis and Nashville

iBuyer appears set to expand to 3 new markets

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Dive into the latest Technology affecting RE, July 17, 2018

Opendoor could be heading to Charlotte, Minneapolis and Nashville soon. The iBuyer posted open job listings for general managers in the three cities. Right now, the startup operates in six major markets: Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Orlando and Raleigh-Durham. "The General Manager—Nashville will have ultimate responsibility for our success in Nashville," Opendoor's Nashville job listing says. "The General Manager— Nashville will lead a cross-functional team to drive growth, ensure a delightful customer experience for both sellers and buyers, and oversee efficient daily operations that produce beautiful homes, as quickly and efficiently as possible." Opendoor is also hiring a "city launcher" based out of San Francisco--the home of its headquarters, but not any listings--who scopes out new markets. Opendoor is one of the leading startups that will buy a seller's home from them rapidly online, so the seller can get their equity out right away to purchas...