5 tips to generate more appointments, now!

Tom Ferry’s rules for exponential growth

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You’ve just ended your day with another frustrating flurry of prospecting phone calls with a couple “Call me back in a few months” conversations. And those were the good calls!

You’re trying to grow your business, but traction is hard to come by. You can only make so many calls in a day. So how are you supposed to achieve the growth you know you’re capable of when only a fraction of your phone calls turn into appointments?

Enter marketing.

Marketing is how you leverage yourself for significant growth. With marketing, you can stop chasing your next customers and start attracting them. It’s the big picture that includes not only your phone calls, but also open houses, social media strategy, Facebook advertising, email, billboards, direct mail, TV and radio, and everything you do to attract customers.

I have found there are five essential marketing tips for growing your appointments exponentially that I share with you below.

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Have only one outcome

In 30-plus years of coaching real estate professionals, I’ve probably seen more agent marketing pieces than anybody, and there’s one big mistake I see repeatedly: a lack of clear messaging.

The best marketing pieces drive toward a single outcome. Ask yourself, “What action do I want the reader or viewer to take?” Then gear your message toward that one action instead of trying to accomplish multiple goals in one marketing piece.

Track everything

The vast majority of people view marketing as a creative pursuit. But effective marketing is all about math.

In today’s high-tech world, you have every opportunity to track and measure everything you do. I’m not saying it will be easy, but the more you track your marketing, the more you can pinpoint what’s resonating with your audience and scale your business faster.

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Move from startup to growth business immediately

There’s a tendency — especially among entrepreneurs like us — to do everything ourselves. But we can’t do it all. We shouldn’t do it all.

You cannot think of your marketing as an expense or a cost, but rather as an investment. Every dollar you invest in marketing means more booked appointments, more listings, more sold houses and more revenue.

Create a culture of testing

Every salesperson knows ABC means “always be closing.”

But in marketing, it’s all about ABT, “always be testing.” Test your email subject lines, test your calls to action, test your messaging — test it all!

Remember, it’s all about getting people to react and determining what will generate the best result.

Match marketing with sales

To maximize conversion, your sales people need to be in lock step with your marketing message. Don’t make the mistake of creating a disconnect. Make sure everything you and your team does aligns with and supports your marketing.

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