Delight agents and grow your brokerage brand with Adwerx’s new automated listing ads product

Tool automatically creates and distributes listing ads on behalf of a brokerage’s agents

Automation. The real estate industry buzzes with this word, but few if any products are truly automated.

Adwerx’s new enterprise automated listing ad product for brokerages is as close to automation as the industry will likely get. After brokerages integrate their listing feeds into its platform, Adwerx automatically creates ads for each listing from the photos and descriptions agents already provide to the MLS, and then displays them on Facebook and across the web to local buyers searching for homes.

That’s it. After initial setup, listing ads float across the internet without agents or brokers lifting a finger.

Agents can take the tool to the next level by inputting their sellers’ email addresses, which Adwerx plugs into its targeting software to ensure that sellers encounter digital ads for their homes across the web. This consistently impresses sellers with the digital marketing their agents do on their behalf; they also have access to regular ad performance reports.

For each listing that hits the MLS, Adwerx creates an ad and sends an email to listing agents, giving them the opportunity to tweak the ad’s language, design and language and a request for the seller’s email address. Agents have 24 hours to respond at which point the ad goes live. Each ad typically runs for one week.

Adwerx enterprise automated listing ad product features:

  • Automation of listing advertising for brokers and their agents.
  • 100 percent agent adoption because they don’t need to lift a finger for it to work.
  • Benefits brokerage, agents and sellers.

The tool delights sellers who see their home advertised across the internet, makes agents look good in listing presentations when sellers ask about their digital marketing strategies and amplifies the brokerage’s brand in the digital universe.

Because of its simplicity and automation, brokerages also provide a tool that all their agents use and which delivers value. This increases the bond agents have with the firm, increasing retention. This also makes it an effective recruiting tool for brokers.
Adwerx can customize the tool in some cases to target certain listings such as those in particular areas and at particular price points, and can run ads at different durations based on broker preferences.

The impressions and clicks the tool generates can be impressive. An early user, Chicago-based brokerage @properties, has been using the platform since Feb. 23, 2017. Through October, the Adwerx listing ad service has delivered 47 million impressions for the brokerage and 144,000 ad clicks for agents. Surveyed @properties agents overwhelmingly said the tool fostered a stronger allegiance with their broker.

Adwerx’ new brokerage listing ad product provides firms a quick, easy way to enter the digital era, to impress their agents and sellers and to leverage automation’s full potential.

For brokerages who want to learn more about automating their digital advertising, visit Adwerx or watch this video: