BoomTown’s integrated platform brings growth-minded real estate teams into the digital age

Professional lead gen, a sleek website and a next-gen CRM in one platform

All successful real estate agents have that moment, when they sit down and realize they can’t keep doing business as usual while they grow: their sanity, efficiency and business won’t hold up with the status quo.

As they mature, modern real estate businesses must leverage integrated digital tools to optimize their operations, team and growth. Without a sleek platform, the kaleidoscopic challenge of running an efficient, modern business will stifle progress.

BoomTown built its integrated real estate platform to bring sanity to the digital age by tying together the core elements of a modern business: high-quality leads, a website designed to drive conversions and a next-generation CRM that helps brokers, teams and agents know who to reach out to and when.

The BoomTown platform helps brokerages and team leaders engage with every element of their business. With the platform, they provide their agents customized websites, lead gen and lead-routing. Their agents stay in touch with their clients with the system’s intelligent tracking and communication technology. And business owners get a window into their operations with the company and agent-performance metrics the platform delivers.

The BoomTown platform features:

  • Professionally managed marketing campaigns that generate high-quality leads. BoomTown pros are certified Google and Facebook marketers.
  • Customizable website optimized for lead conversion.
  • Next-gen CRM that uses big data, automation and behavioral analytics to alert agents when to reach out to leads.
  • A seller lead toolset that delivers sellers to specific landing pages agents can track through a separate dashboard.
  • Dashboards that help teams monitor agent, business and digital marketing performance. This helps with accountability and monitoring transaction pipelines.

In addition to the platform, subscribers have access to BoomTown’s digital experts who have decades of experience in helping hone digital marketing campaigns, and drive quality leads for clients.

When leads hit the BoomTown CRM, the platform kicks into hyperdrive.

Agents know that the buying timelines of new leads vary: Some are ready to transact in as soon as a month, others are months, sometimes years out. Lead capture forms on BoomTown’s websites feature questions that prequalify leads; questions assess leads’ readiness to transact, whether they are prequalified for a loan and if they have a home to sell.

That’s why BoomTown’s CRM tracks the actions every lead takes on the website and surfaces those whose behavior indicates they may be ready to transact soon. It’s all about bringing transaction-ready opportunities to the attention of agents and brokers, cutting out guesswork and hours spent nurturing leads. In addition to highlighting hot leads in their database, the CRM also has automated lead follow-up tools such as email drip campaigns and text messages that agents can customize.

When agents pull up the BoomTown platform or use the BoomTown NOW mobile app, they see what BoomTown calls an Opportunity Wall, which highlights new leads and those whose site behavior shows they’re hotter prospects. When they click on a lead, agents see a summary of the contact’s activity, including the listings they’re most interested in and those the system suggests they may be a match for.

This latter feature — tying listings to specific leads — works through a BoomTown-patented algorithm called Best-Fit Leads. When a new listing comes on the market, the algorithm automatically ranks every contact for their fit on the listing. A similar process takes place when a new lead enters the BoomTown database; the system highlights the homes they are a best fit for based on their information and site behavior.

The tool has lead-distribution technology and performance dashboards that help brokerages and team leaders track agent performance and deal flow, which facilitates agent accountability and coaching. They also have a digital marketing dashboard that helps them make data-driven decisions about which campaigns and markets to double-down on and which to drop or shift.

BoomTown subscribers get access to a constantly evolving platform thanks to the BoomTown suite of experts who constantly test, refine and add new features. These pros in marketing, data science, engineering, design, search engine marketing, copywriting and more keep BoomTown clients on the cutting edge.

To learn more about optimizing your online presence with a single platform that helps you win and close more leads, visit BoomTown or watch this video: