How to rope in more seller leads with Mega Agent Pro

Outsource seller prospecting and focus on what you do best

Every real estate agent knows listings are gold; they also know they can be hard to come by. Successful, busy agents don’t like to be bothered with tasks not directly related to grooming prospects and serving clients, in particular cold-calling.

That’s where Mega Agent Pro’s seller lead-gen service comes in.

Mega Agent Pro pores over databases of FSBO sellers, expired and withdrawn listings and calls these homeowners on its clients’ behalf. After generating interest, the firm sets appointments for its agent clients directly into their calendars.

Mega Agent Pro features:

  • Seller lead appointments made on agents’ behalf (clients may also get buyer leads).
  • Appointments set directly in agents’ calendars.
  • Access to recordings of the calls with leads Mega Agent Pro makes on behalf of its agent clients, facilitating warm hand-offs and increased conversion rates.
  • Access to a coaching, training and a mastermind group to help stay sharp at converting Mega Agent Pro seller leads.
  • Eligibility for Mega Agent Pro’s sister program AdvantageU Home Sellers’ Resource program, which brings agents hot, hand-picked seller leads.

The firm also makes recordings of its calls available to its agent clients who can then listen to them to gain insight into sellers’ mindset, personality and needs to better prepare for their appointed calls.

Agents choose packages based on the number of listings they want the service to help deliver. The homeowners Mega Agent Pro delivers are leads, and while they’re warm, agents must have a savvy follow-up procedure and effective closing strategies to turn them into clients. This is why Mega Agent Pro provides coaching, training and a mastermind community of fellow agents to help them get and stay sharp around lead conversion.

One of Mega Agent Pro’s chief benefits is the ability for clients to receive seller referrals directly from its sister division AdvantageU. After ensuring that agents meet specific quality requirements, Mega Agent Pro adds them to the AdvantageU Home Seller program.

AdvantageU provides free, valuable resources to sellers, who reach out when they’re looking for help finding an agent. AdvantageU handpicks an agent in the network, a rep talks up his or her strengths and then provides a warm hand off to the agent.

Agents pay a referral fee when the sale closes. Because AdvantageU has skin in the game, it’s careful to match the right lead with the right, quality agent. In addition to serving as another source for seller leads, the program offers agents another way to burnish their reputation, with the credibility they get from a third-party recommendation.

To learn more about how to boost your high-quality seller lead flow, set up an appointment with Mega Agent Pro to learn more or watch this video: