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Tom Ferry shares 5 questions to ask in the review economy

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Starting a home improvement project? Looking for a tasty lunch spot? Selling a house? There’s a review for that.

Think Angie’s List, Yelp, or Zillow.

For many people, these sites are the first place they turn to when making a buying decision in today’s “review economy.”

Which means one thing – good reviews are no longer a “nice to have.” They’re essential. They’re critical to your success.

That’s why I invited a testimonial expert on today’s show to teach you five simple questions to elicit the most powerful reviews.

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Expert in the house

My friend and marketing expert Ken Kerry has spent the last 30 years creating infomercials. If you’ve ever watched one, you know it’s all about getting insanely great testimonials.

In today’s video-first marketing environment, you have the opportunity to share testimonial videos and reviews across a wide variety of platforms using only the phone in your pocket.

Generating powerful testimonials

So, how do you generate powerful reviews and/or testimonials? It’s all about asking the right questions, Ken says. He recommends asking past clients the five questions below. You can ask them in person, on video, or in an emailed survey where answers can then be transcribed into reviews.

Also, be sure to include a link in your email signature to encourage people to write reviews on your site of choice, be it Zillow, Realtor, Google, etc.
Here are the five questions:

  • What fears did you have about buying or selling your home?
    This is a really important question for clients to answer. You want clients talking about the pain points that bother them because those same issues will bother prospects just like them.In effect, you’re getting past clients to talk to future clients about how you solved their problem.
  • What process did you use to select me to represent you?
    You want to understand the process your past clients used when they decided to hire you. If a lot of people are using the same process, they’re providing you with valuable market research – that’s where you need to be!
  • What did I do differently from other agents you’ve worked with?
    If you hear the same answer over and over again, that is your unique selling proposition or USP. This is where you find your measurable degree of separation from the rest of your competition.
  • How did I handle the process for you?
    Prospects are looking for an agent they can trust. This is one of the biggest investments they’ll make in their lifetime and they need to trust the person handling the transaction.
  • What would you say in recommending me to a friend?
    Ask the client to describe how they would talk about you to a friend. Make the question open-ended. You want them to answer in their own words and not in realtor-speak.

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Follow the script!

Whether it’s online reviews or video testimonials, Ken’s advice proves that knowing what to say can make a big difference in your bottom line. The same is true when on the phone with a prospect or a client. Download our List & Win Bundle which includes 61 pages of scripts for all types of different situations you encounter on a daily basis.

After you’ve asked these five questions, Ken suggests you listen carefully, because sales is all about listening. The more you pay attention to their answers, the more you can identify meaningful trends in your business. “People will tell you – over and over again – why they would recommend you,” he says!

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