How to guarantee success in Q4 (as the market changes)

Tom Ferry gets three Rockstar agents to reveal their best tips for Q4 2018 – and beyond!

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What do you do when you get three agents in the same room who are responsible for more than 650 annual home sales?

You pick their brains to learn their secrets to success!

That’s what I did recently when I got Tom Toole of RE/MAX Main Line in Philadelphia, JD Lenard of Coldwell Banker in Smithtown, NY and Scott Kompa of RE/MAX Preferred in Mullica Hill, NJ to sit down together and reveal their secrets.

I also asked them this critical question:

“What are the most important things you need to do in Q4 to guarantee your success as the market changes?”

Here are seven highlights of our conversation:

Double down on prospecting

Tom Toole advises making Q4 all about a constant commitment to lead generation for filling your pipeline. That means doubling down on prospecting and being more aggressive. Where you’ll really win is in the long-term nurture game.

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Go deeper to succeed

Success in a changing market is all about asking the right questions and getting to the real motivation behind a move. Buyers and sellers all have unique wants and needs, so go deeper and find out what those really are.

Re-commit to your calendar

Scott Kompa says one of the most important things you can do to ensure success in a changing market is up your commitment to your calendar and create a powerful morning routine.

For him, that means participating in the 5:00 a.m. call every day, getting his day organized, doing a Peleton bike ride, and then prospecting/appointment setting. Then he goes on appointments throughout the remainder of his day.

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Normal market = more expireds

JD Lenard says as the market normalizes, expireds will become a much more prevalent source for lead generation. Start mastering your scripts now to give yourself the skill set and excitement needed to take advantage of this expanding opportunity.

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Mindset always matters

Tom Toole is a big fan of journaling on a daily basis to maintain a positive, grateful mindset. He starts his mornings with, “Two ways today is going to be great.”

Then at the end of the day, he returns to his journal to recount “Three things that made today awesome,” “Two things to be grateful for,” and “Two things that could have made today better.”
This increased awareness and reflection not only will make you better, but also those around you better. But it can’t be a part-time pursuit. You need to do it every day!

Develop your “do it anyway” muscle

We all get inside our heads sometimes. JD also advises that when you find yourself dealing with voices in your head, just put your head down, power through and do the work anyway. He says the more you do this, the more your ability to “do it anyway” grows like a muscle. You become stronger each time.

Very often when you’re in the moment, you don’t realize the progress that you’re making. Keep your head down and keep doing the things that give you the power.

Learn the “5-second funeral”

Scott Kompa says life is 10% about what happens and 90% about how you react to it. Dwelling on a deal gone sideways or a troublesome client won’t get you anywhere positive.

When things don’t go his way, Scott holds a “5-second funeral,” giving himself five seconds to mourn whatever happened and then move on.

Put all this advice into action and you’re likely to guarantee your own success in Q4! Also, have you begun your 2019 Business Plan yet? If not, download your free template today!