Go minute-by-minute with a luxury agent

How Maui REALTOR® Courtney M. Brown structures her day to anticipate the unexpected

In the luxury real estate profession, nothing is predictable — something Courtney M. Brown, REALTOR® with Island Sotheby’s International Realty, is very familiar with. “My days are never the same — and I think adapting and allowing yourself some flexibility is key to surviving the ever-changing schedule we all have.”

In the luxury real estate profession, nothing is predictable — something Courtney M. Brown, REALTOR® with Island Sotheby’s International Realty, is very familiar with. “My days are never the same — and I think adapting and allowing yourself some flexibility is key to surviving the ever-changing schedule we all have.”

This is especially true in markets like Maui, where Brown lives and works. Luxury real estate revolves around vacation rentals and second homes, and viewings are scheduled whenever clients are in town, often with less than eight hours notice. So how can a top agent structure an average day? Here’s Courtney’s take.

7:00 AM: The first thing I do when I wake up is check my messages, both phone and
email. I’ll return any urgent calls and answer online leads. I find it faster to delete unwanted emails on my cell and that helps me focus more when I’m at my desk.

8:00 AM: If there’s time after I wake up, I’ll go for a walk on the coastal trail or up on the hiking trails above my house.

9:30 AM: I’ll check my messages again and try to prioritize responses based on urgency and whether or not it relates to an escrow. I’ll prepare for upcoming showings by putting together market data and sales histories. Any extra time after responding to emails will usually be spent doing research for a blog post or the latest industry news.

Living on an island, I sometimes feel disconnected from the markets on the mainland. Reading a colleague’s newsletter, blog posts, or tips is helpful. I want to know what type of marketing my clients are exposed to in their home markets — it helps me to provide similar information when it comes time for them to look at real estate here.

10:30 AM: I will typically take 10 to 15-minute breaks in the morning and again in the late afternoon to review industry news on Inman. I’ll also check in with a Facebook Mastermind group for Sotheby’s International Realty agents that I started about two years ago. The group has about 1,600 members, and is a great forum for posting questions about marketing and getting new perspectives on what we do on a daily basis in our career.

Another way I tackle industry trends is by identifying my buyers’ and sellers’ most frequently asked questions and answering them with blog articles. This process helps me stay informed through regular industry research, motivates me to write new content and maintain my website, and enables me to create prepared email responses so that as soon as clients ask, I’m ready to reply with a relevant link and supporting documents.

12:00 PM: Over my lunch hour, I’ll usually meet with a client or colleague. It’s great when my breaks can do double-duty.

1:00 PM: As in most markets, afternoons are prime time for meeting clients and showcasing properties. This certainly holds true in Maui, where showings for vacation rentals have to be accommodated between check-out and check-in — typically 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

When I’m out showing a property and there is an amazing view, I’ll be sure to capture it and share it to one of my two Instagram accounts — I have a work account and a lifestyle account.

If I find myself having a long drive to show a property in Wailea or Makena, I will listen to real estate-related podcasts. I find it helps me to listen to how real estate agents and brokers structure their businesses, promote listings, and implement new tools to increase efficiency. My current list features Angela Headlee’s “Coagent”, WSJ’s “Secrets of Wealthy Women”, and “The GaryVee Audio Experience”.

3:30 PM: If I don’t have showings or pressing escrow matters, I work on my website, which is a nice creative outlet.

6:00 PM: My evenings are full of sunset showings and dinner with clients. I often find myself a matchmaker for clients who have just moved to the area and will introduce them to people with similar interests. Getting to know people where you live and becoming part of a community is when a place becomes home.

I was born here on Maui, and I always think about and envy people who get to see it for the first time. I wonder what their first impressions are of the island, the ocean, the weather, the people. So I try to see and enjoy the beauty of Maui. Usually, that means taking time to watch the sunset each night.

8:00 PM: Finally! Time to unwind by making a list of must-dos for the next day and then getting lost in a good book. Recent titles include This is How It Always Is, Little Fires Everywhere, and An American Marriage.

It’s true that no two days are ever the same. For me, success comes from being adaptable and focusing on the things that really matter.

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