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Brokers, give your agents the strategic services and support to become productive powerhouses

Your agents are busy. They’re doing routine tasks like making copies and answering emails, along with less mundane tasks like marketing themselves and their clients’ properties, taking continuing education classes, attending inspections, showing homes, negotiating contracts, and much (much) more.

With all this going on, agents may be too scattered to work as effectively as they can. After all, most small business owners have employees who handle the details so the owner can focus on strategy. Each of your agents is a one-person business trying to keep up with everything solo, from admin to sales.

As a sponsor of the THRIVE: Broker/Owner Workshop at Inman Connect Las Vegas 2019, our mission at Adwerx is to help real estate brokers and owners provide their agents with the services they need to — well — thrive.

One of those services is automated digital advertising. “As Adwerx Enterprise partners with more real estate companies in the U.S. and Canada, we’ve seen that there’s a great benefit in adopting digital advertising best practices across all levels of an organization,” says Jed Carlson, Chief Executive Officer at Adwerx.

Here’s how this technology increases your agents’ productivity, helps them win more listings, and improves your firm’s retention, recruiting, and brand awareness.


Reach more people, with more speed

Manual marketing takes enormous amounts of resources: time, effort, and money. Your agents may be posting to social media, writing a blog, sending postcards, and even running a neighborhood website, all in the hopes of expanding their reach.

Automating digital advertising is a hands-off way to win listings and attract buyers. Adwerx Automated Listing Advertising programmatically captures listings from a broker’s feed and runs ads featuring the property on Facebook, Instagram, websites, and mobile apps, quickly putting ads in front of thousands of potential buyers and sellers. With this advanced integration and automation, agents have one less task to do on top of their traditional marketing and day-to-day activities.

Save time by targeting the right people

There’s a sweet spot to hit with your marketing and advertising. You want to target a broad market because more people equals more opportunities. But if you go too broad, say by throwing ads online without segmenting your audience, you waste time and resources.

Digital advertising automation solves this problem by showing ads only to motivated home buyers and sellers, based on their online behavior, their location, and the websites they visit. That way, your agents aren’t spending precious hours fielding inquiries from people who aren’t a good fit.


Generate more brand awareness with less work

It takes around seven impressions to make a sale. However, creating that many “touches” per prospect is an onerous task for agents, involving expensive and time-consuming ads, publicity efforts, phone calls, emails, social media posts and messages, and print mailers.

And then, when agents do attract people to their website, 97% of those visitors won’t complete the call to action—so all the brand awareness your agents built up goes down the drain.

Digital advertising automation works with traditional marketing efforts to create maximum impact. For example, solutions like Adwerx include retargeting capabilities. This means that once an agent’s marketing drives someone to their website, your ads then follow those prospects wherever they go online.

Agents can use retargeting on an individual level, or firms can now provide them with these always-on ads using Adwerx Enterprise Automated Retargeting. Now future “touches” are automated, which makes boosting brand awareness effortless—and frees your agents to serve their current clients. Brokerages can use this same technology to recruit motivated agents.

The greatest gift you can give your agents is time. Invest in their success by removing tedious, repetitive tasks from their day so they can focus on their core capabilities, and your results will skyrocket.

About Adwerx Enterprise
One of the fastest growing companies in real estate technology, Adwerx automates digital advertising for brokerages. Ads appear on a variety of popular websites and social networks, and over 3.4 billion ad impressions have been served to potential homebuyers across the U.S. and Canada. Learn more here.