Best real estate lead generation strategy for a changing industry

Stay on top of your game by mastering fundamentals

Anxiety levels in the real estate industry are at an all-time high. With so much changing, moving quickly, and contradictory information on the best real estate lead generation tactics, it’s no wonder agents are confused. Even successful, long-term professionals have more questions than ever before.

The single biggest change happening in the industry is the amount of investment capital pouring in, with a dramatic rise in the number of technology companies across nearly every sector of real estate. Companies (many of which are not qualified) are selling online “leads” that promise to increase business. However, these often turn out to be sporadic, ineffective, and very expensive. Meanwhile, it would appear that iBuyers — companies that use technology, sight unseen, to make an instant offer on your home — are the hot new fad. In truth, iBuyers only made up 0.2% of the market share in 2018 and their margins are extraordinarily small.

Of course, when used the right way, technology is enormously beneficial to a business. Buffini & Company, for example, uses the most cutting-edge technological developments to support our clients at the highest levels. However, the idea that technological innovation can replace the fundamentals is a disingenuous one. Yes, technology should be used to help you efficiently run your day-to-day operations but it should never become the core foundation of a business. And, it certainly can’t replace the role of a skilled real estate agent!

At the end of the day, your customers may be more informed and better educated than ever before, but they’re still looking for a trusted adviser and skilled professional who knows what they’re doing — not just someone with a license.

If you want to succeed in this fast-paced and challenging market, you need to stand out and be extraordinary. Instead of pouring money into technology that won’t deliver, work on your skills and focus on your relationships.

Relationships have been and always will be at the heart of every good business. The stronger your relationships with those in your database will result in a business that will be lead to more high-quality referrals. Instead of focusing on shiny new technological distractions, strive to really connect with and serve your customers.

  • Check-in regularly with your clients. Instead of a text or email, try a phone call or a personal note.
  • Send items of value and “pop by” your clients with useful items to remind them that you are there to help with all their real estate needs.
  • Invite your strongest business relationships to breakfast or lunch and host appreciation parties for your top referrers.

The real estate industry may be moving at lightning speed, but highly-skilled, relationship-focused professionals are the ones who will stand out and win in the future with the best real estate lead generation strategy.

The most successful agents in North America are working Buffini & Company’s marketing system, Referral Maker PRO. An investment that gives incredible returns, this system provides all the tools you need to work relationally in a consistent, distraction-free and effective way. Wherever you are in your business, make sure you are using a system that prioritizes people and relationships first.

Then you’ll be sure to succeed…no matter what happens next!