“I think we’re all frustrated with how landlords are able to get away with charging insane rents, but then to nickel and dime us for any and everything is beyond ridiculous,” she said.

Update, Feb. 7, 9:15 am:

Mac Properties, the landlord responsible for the listing released a statement on Tuesday claiming that the advertised fee was mistakenly posted on the listing website, and that they did not in fact charge a $200 fee for birds or fish.

At Mac, we love our furry friends, and we also love the ones that aren’t so furry,” Mac Properties regional manager Anthony Weatherington said in the statement. “We do not charge for birds or fish; we also don’t know what “aggressive breeds” would be considered. We may one day implement a bird and fish personality test, but for now, we would like to keep our doors open to birds and fish of all kinds.”

“Our Mac Properties site has it right, but the 3rd party site will be corrected soon. We apologize for any confusion,” he added.

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