Christy Murdock's Stories

Whether you’re creating content or designing a website, it’s important to remember who your audience is and how to effectively reach them
Jun 11
Whether you love James Charles and Tati Westbrook or have never heard of them, there’s a story here about loyalty and hubris that you need to hear
May 30
Learn how Houston broker Doris Snipp created a training program that works as hard as she does
May 27
Looking for a marketing plan to tie to the holiday weekend? It’s not too late! Here are a handful of things you can do in under 3 hours to promote your business
May 24
Hearing 'no' is part of the gig when you’re a real estate agent, but you don’t have to let it break you down. Repurpose it to drive you forward
May 24
Greenwich, Connecticut, real estate agent Julianne C. Ward has built her business on stellar knowledge, service and total self-confidence
May 20
Make sure you are creating an event that is exciting, staging the home for maximum impact and putting out the word ahead of time
May 14
Find out what D.C. real estate broker Keri Shull believes about the power of teamwork and how it can power your business
May 13