Christy Murdock's Stories

For Southern California broker Troy Palmquist, your output is only as good as your input
Jan 27
It’s a tough skill to learn, but setting your boundaries with a polite — but firm — 'No' is an essential way to control your time, energy and professional life
Jan 22
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Jan 15
Want to reboot your brand in 2020? Here are some of the best ways to reintroduce yourself to the market, both online and IRL
Jan 14
Real estate never stops, so real estate agents don’t either. Find out how NYC’s Jamie Safier keeps the momentum going as he builds his business
Jan 13
Instead of looking at what everyone else is doing to level up, focus on the things that make you shine
Jan 8
We reached out and you responded! Here’s what you’re planning in the New Year and beyond
Dec 31
KISS your way through 2020: Keep it simple ...
Dec 27