A 'yes agent' agrees with everything the seller says, offers up compliments and ignores anything that causes the seller angst, like data that conflicts with the seller’s opinion of price
Sep 20
The industry needs to raise the bar
Apr 14
Understand how value is assigned to leverage your expertise
Dec 16
Listing home in the MLS provides maximum exposure to a targeted audience
Apr 9
Understanding how 'value in use' can complicate appraisals
Mar 31
The appraisal industry took the brunt of the hit for the crash. Realtors? Absolutely nothing.
Feb 11
Experienced agents with a solid grasp of real estate data can advise clients across a wide geographic area
Jan 31
Insights from experts can help agents and sellers price a property, but buyers will want second opinions
Jan 8
Data speaks louder and more effectively than anything you can say
Dec 13