Rachael's Stories

A new docudrama on Netflix highlights the dangers of social media and the many ways these platforms are designed to gather data and manipulate its users. But what does it have to do with your business? Here are a few takeaways
Sep 28
This isn’t business as usual. Stop holding yourself to outdated standards — find your blend, and keep pushing yourself at what you love to do
Aug 25
Customer service is more than just completing tasks and getting to closing — it's about building a positive memory for someone finding their way to a new home
Jul 27
As states reopen, and the housing industry remains a solid place for consumers to invest, data from Homesnap indicates that 2020 may finish stronger than expected
Jul 2
Summer isn't canceled — learn how to connect with family while working from home this year
Jun 22
If being productive is a challenge, try watching this video and doing a little business yoga for your mindset and inbox
Apr 27
Homesnap Pro brings a handful of budget-friendly, useful features to our fingertips, especially now that we're practicing social distancing
Mar 23
Struggling with the extra stress of uncertainty? Here are a few ways to keep those fears at bay so you can manage your business effectively
Mar 10