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Mar 2
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Feb 16
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Dec 22
Tick-tock, the new year is upon us
Dec 7

Hygge (or Hoo-gah) is definitely having a moment right now in popular culture. What is it? In a nutshell, it’s the Danish cultural practice of savoring life and taking good care of one’s self to prevent depression and ease the stress of their long dark winter nights.

Sep 8

It is a pleasure to work with so many talented people in our industry every week. The passions that the majority of real estate agents have for helping people find happiness in homeownership inspires me to keep writing.

Jul 14

Snapchat’s latest update, Snap Maps, allows you to reveal your location to the world (if you don’t adjust your settings) and creates a vivid stream of public snaps near you.

Jul 6

Investing in your creativity is a great way to boost your mood and your productivity. The American Institute of Stress recommends making time for hobbies to reduce stress and fatigue; hobbies like painting, gardening and cooking can help busy professionals relieve themselves of stress and increase happiness.

Jun 22