Your team members and customers are struggling, Rachael Hite writes. Here is what wise brokers need to know about the state of happiness and how it impacts all of us
Apr 11
Consumers have been given a front-row seat to the chaos unfolding in our industry, Rachael Hite writes. As the situation unravels, who will make lemonade and who will feast on sour grapes?
Apr 5
You need to earn $100K just to afford a starter home. Rachael Hite writes that, like spotting a dodo bird, finding your forever home in today's market might be a thing of the past
Apr 4
Women in real estate are already earning about 60% less than men. Rachael Hite looks at the latest wage gap data and explores how commission compression could widen that gap
Mar 27
ChatGPT answered questions about the value a real estate agent has and about how real estate commissions work. Do you agree with its answers?
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Mar 8
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Mar 8
How far do you have to drive to receive quality maternal health care or access emergency services? These kitchen table issues are on your prospect's minds, Rachael Hite writes
Feb 29
The median age for Realtors is 60, with more people living to 100. Senior housing expert Rachael Hite says it's time to leverage age and experience to build a lasting legacy
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Senior clients are looking for the best service possible, writes senior housing expert Rachael Hite. The more personal and authentic you are, the more they will appreciate you
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Know what seniors want? Think again. The housing needs and wants of baby boomers will challenge all previous expectations of retirement living, senior housing expert Rachael Hite writes
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New Mexico builder Abrazo Homes named floor plans after iconic historical women, igniting a social media firestorm. Rachael Hite examines why marketing using cultural figures is a bad idea
Jan 18
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Jan 8
Armed with the latest research, Rachael Hite talks with Glennda Baker about choosing sobriety in an industry that is always ready to party and why drinking is so harmful for women
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Sexual harassment, abortion rights, and discussions on the economy, personal finance, and pop culture: Women dominated the conversation and the economy this year, Rachael Hite writes
Jan 3
Rachael Hite offers a perspective on the commission negotiation conversation that we can't afford to overlook. Women must advocate for better pay because their futures depend on it
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