Jimmy's Stories

Time spent reading one of John Maxwell’s books or watching one of his speeches on YouTube is time well spent. His insights are actionable and his wisdom is timeless
Feb 27
Don't let your fear (and a little hard work) keep you from accomplishing your biggest goals. The more you improve yourself, the more your business will improve
Feb 18
Daily disciplines, seizing opportunities and embracing change are among Rohn's most effective messages. Use them to change your business
Feb 11
Here are 5 steps to put into action today, to ensure that you’re attracting business so that you don’t have to be out there chasing it
Feb 11
Zig Ziglar's power quotes have been the catalyst for dramatic personal and business growth in the lives of many. Here's how to put them to work
Feb 6
Success comes from having the discipline to execute on certain activities day after day. Agents who put these to work will experience growth in their real estate business
Feb 4
Content creation for video doesn't have to be complicated. Here's how to get started
Jan 29
Buyers need professional agents to walk them through the ever-changing buying process. If you implement these strategies, you won't run short of opportunities to connect with and convert buyer leads
Jan 28