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Moving away from oil dependency — this has been one of the savviest executive decisions taken by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government in the recent past, enabling it to shake off the effects of global slowdowns and propel the economy toward uniform growth and stability.

Jun 3

Despite the ongoing oil price crunch, Dubai has managed to place itself on the list of a few economies still doing well amid a general global slowdown. It appears the emirate is benefiting from investing in the right places at the right time and encouraging diversification of its economy.

Feb 19

You can’t keep Dubai out of the news. Be it the wondrous structures the emirate keeps churning out or some hotshot celebrity out and about in the city’s sparkling center, Dubai finds a way into the headlines one way or the other.

Nov 17

The tourism industry of the United Arab Emirates is surging ahead in leaps and bounds and shouldering a fast-developing economy that once relied on oil as its main source of income. And the UAE is expected to continue this steady growth well through the 2020 Dubai Expo. Here are five reasons to invest in UAE.

Jun 26

There are almost as many women in the world as men. So why is it that we see so few as our bosses, GMs and CEOs? A report by Pearl Initiative (PI), titled “Women’s Careers in the GCC” and released in April 2015, revealed that though women almost matched men in population numbers, their contribution to the global workforce stood only at 32 percent.

May 21