Sunny's Stories

As victims of Hurricane Florence are reeling, Sunny Lake Hahn offers advice based on her experiences from Hurricane Harvey
Sep 19

At ICNY, I flew my freak flag. I flew it high and proud. And you know what happened? Other people flew theirs, and we all came together with our own oddities, vulnerabilities and stories. It was beautiful and empowering. There’s a reason why it’s called Inman Connect.

Feb 3

Every time I hear about lead generation, I want to throw up. Let’s be honest: Lead generation is not the next big thing in this business.

Mar 5
Training programs are essential to agent success
Dec 12

Our industry has a bad reputation, right down at the bottom of the heap with personal injury attorneys and used cars salesmen. And you know what? I think we’ve done something to earn that spot. Before you get all fired up in the comment section, though, hear me out.

Dec 12