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The homebuyer statistics clearly show millennials out-pacing other generations when it comes to buying a home. The global realty market is keeping an eagle eye on this huge consumer group and expects to see noteworthy changes in statistics pertinent to homebuying, choices and transactions.

Oct 9

For the rest of the professionals, and sometimes the new-generation agents as well, adopting technology and automating their work process can be challenging. Here’s a guide to technology that will help your business.

Jun 29

The world of science and technology continues to revolutionize the world, and along the way, legacy systems became obsolete. New technologies brought about a change in protocol. A change in the system brings in a chain of advantages and disadvantages that optimizes the organizational structure and affects lives as well.

May 8

A recent National Association of Realtors report, Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends 2015, revealed that the global real estate market is once again witnessing a large number of millennial homebuyers and realty investors. These young financiers have braved the recession that almost strangled the market to death a couple of months ago. However, times have improved and the report indicates they are the largest share of recent buyers.

Mar 30