The No. 1 skill you need to convert leads into clients
Truly engaging is an essential component in providing stellar service from first contact to closing. Author and trainer Bernice Ross provides a step-by-step approach to evaluating your skills
by Bernice Ross May 23
Meet ChatGPT-4o: The updated AI business partner you need
The rollout of the latest iteration of ChatGPT, calling itself Alex 4o, allows you and your business to do more than you ever thought possible. Author and trainer Bernice Ross shares the latest
by Bernice Ross May 16
Sign a buyer brokerage agreement to see a property? No way!
Buyers and sellers are confused about the new rules of the road. Trainer Bernice Ross and Jeff Lobb discuss how agents can change up the conversation and add clarity and confidence
by Bernice Ross Apr 24
7 strategies to turn today’s bad economic news into more deals
Frustrated and anxious about economic conditions? Trainer Bernice Ross writes that, instead of waiting for change, agents can move forward with confidence by following these strategies
by Bernice Ross Apr 19
Should your next hire be a generative AI assistant?
Forget searching online for the perfect assistant, trainer Bernice Ross writes. AI is rapidly evolving, and the best assistant you have ever hired may be just a few clicks away
by Bernice Ross Apr 10
Jennifer Berman was a godmother to million-dollar agents everywhere
The real estate industry is in mourning as it says goodbye to one of its most powerful and glamorous figures, DirectOffer Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Berman
by Bernice Ross Apr 4
What today's high-performance teams know (and now you do, too)
Author and trainer Bernice Ross and Verl Workman, co-founder of Workman Success Systems, discuss the strategies top-producing teams are leaning into now
by Bernice Ross Apr 1
NAR's $418M settlement throws a wrench at the MLS. So now what?
If the proposed settlement is approved, multiple listing services will be forced to nix the buyer commission field by July. Now is the time to prepare, writes author and trainer Bernice Ross
by Bernice Ross Mar 19
These up-to-the-minute marketing strategies are getting results now
Ready to get busy? Trainer and author Bernice Ross talks to Curaytor co-founder and CEO Jimmy Mackin about the marketing plays that are working right now
by Bernice Ross Mar 7
Using paid leads? Here's the FCC change you need to know now
Whether your lead gen leans into cold calls, direct mail, door knocking or portals, Bernice Ross talks to REDX's Curtis Fenn to find out what changes are afoot
by Bernice Ross Mar 1
Ditch the me-me-me approach to marketing and negotiation
Agents should embrace client-centric approaches that include making their marketing materials about the client, trainer Bernice Ross writes
by Bernice Ross Mar 1
The agent's essential guide to the commission lawsuits
Author and trainer Bernice Ross provides the rundown on what to know, what’s most likely to change, how it may impact your pocketbook and steps to take to be prepared for what’s ahead
by Bernice Ross Feb 29
Teaming up with AI: Your new partner in real estate success
Real estate coach Bernice Ross shares top insights about the future of AI from MIT professor Dr. R. David Edelman from ICNY 2024
by Bernice Ross Feb 23
Here's what lies ahead for the spring selling market
Trainer and author Bernice Ross talks to market expert Rick Sharga about red flags and opportunities to be found in the upcoming spring real estate market
by Bernice Ross Feb 20
Let TikTok's favorite debt expert help skyrocket your credit score
Trainer Bernice Ross talks to popular TikTok credit expert Alisa Glutz to find out how you and your clients can optimize the potential of a credit profile for lower interest rates and better scores
by Bernice Ross Feb 2