Despite today's uncertainty, real estate agents still need to find ways to drum up new business. With these practices and helpful cold-calling scripts, agents can generate new leads while staying top-of-mind with previous clients
by Bernice Ross | Apr 1
Columnist Bernice Ross reached out to the Inman Coast to Coast Facebook group this week to find out how agents are pivoting to cope with today's COVID-19 market. Here are some workarounds for the issues agents are facing in the field
by Bernice Ross | Mar 26
While you can’t anticipate what the pandemic will do in the future, you can control how you respond to it. Follow these 10 strategies that’ll help ease your anxiety and reduce your stress
by Bernice Ross | Mar 18
Have you planned how you will conduct your business if there is a coronavirus quarantine? If not, now is the time to start
by Bernice Ross | Mar 11
All those deals soliciting you to refinance your mortgage at today's low interest rates may sound great, but when you really dig into the numbers, that's often not the case. Here's why
by Bernice Ross | Mar 2
If your market has begun to slow, understanding how to properly price homes in a declining market — and how to talk about it with clients — is critical
by Bernice Ross | Feb 19
Today’s AI-powered pricing models will play an increasingly important role in property pricing, and they could solve two of agents’ thorniest problems: contingent sales and price reductions
by Bernice Ross | Feb 12

When there are nanny cams watching, smart devices quietly recording and cookies tracking you all across the internet, what steps can you take to protect both you and your clients from the very real, and sometimes unknown, invasions of privacy? Here are five ways to limit unwanted attention.

by Bernice Ross | Feb 5
Why asking questions is more effective than lecturing clients, and other useful insights from ‘Exactly What to Say for Real Estate Agents’
by Bernice Ross | Jan 29
CNBC’s new series is packed with takeaways for agents about how to confront thorny issues
by Bernice Ross | Jan 22
When you are negotiating, look for these patterns and for specific shifts in the person’s body language to understand what the other person is really experiencing
by Bernice Ross | Jan 15
Leverage the wealth of data out there to make better business decisions in 2020
by Bernice Ross | Jan 8
You can't always control where life takes you, but you can change your attitude
by Bernice Ross | Dec 30
Here are the steps you can take to swap out your 'bad' habits for some better ones this new year
by Bernice Ross | Dec 23
Don't wait for a crisis to make sure you're on the path to your fullest life
by Bernice Ross | Dec 16