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ChatGPT can be a useful tool, but it spits out a lot of bad advice. In Part 2 of the series, find out what seller information the AI gets wrong
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A great real estate brand coupled with outstanding customer service is a winning formula for attracting more clients and closing more deals
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Help your favorite non-profit unlock charitable gifts of real estate while you earn a full commission as well
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ChatGPT is poised to become a truly disruptive technology — if you know how to use it. As she wraps up this 3-part series, Bernice Ross talks with Jeff Lobb about marketing use cases
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ChatGPT is only a sliver of what’s already available in the AI space. Here’s a roundup of some of the hottest applications you’ll want to add to your AI toolbox
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ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, but it's not perfect (yet). Before you use it, understand how it works, the wide variety of serious pitfalls and the potential risk to your business if you fail to fact-check the responses it provides
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Negative self-talk plagues virtually everyone. Here's how to turn off that negative voice in your head and move forward anyway
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Regardless of what the market does or whatever the latest whiz-bang technology is, the basics are still the name of the game
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Although AI isn’t likely to replace agents any time soon, those who fail to embrace these powerful tools will lose significant market share to those who do
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Whether you’re a Realtor or a homeowner, market conditions in 2023 are going to vary wildly across the country
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In part two of this two-part series, Bernice Ross interviews mega-producers who focus on giving back to their communities in a big way
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Many top-producing agents make giving back part of their game plan. In this two-part series, Bernice Ross interviews mega-producers whose generosity forms the foundation of their success
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To maximize your profitability in 2023, you must also address how your beliefs, attitudes and feelings either support or undermine your ability to take the actions that result in success
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