A laughing young woman on her computer
Homeownering.com offers mortgage management and homeownership tools to consumers
by Amy Tankersley Dec 7
Popular zipLogix and Roostify services will soon talk to each other
Software integration will pull zipForm data and documents upstream into Roostify’s online loan management system
by Amy Tankersley Feb 22
Loanopoly wants to take the 'chance' out of the mortgage transaction
New online home loan tracking tool aims to make the homebuying process more ‘fun and easy’ with a Monopoly-inspired board
by Amy Tankersley Feb 18
5 real estate ads you'll see during the Super Bowl
What would your multimillion-dollar 30 seconds look like?
by Amy Tankersley Feb 5
Web-based tool makes borrower verification a breeze
ComplianceEase’s VOE Xpress tool helps lenders comply with ATR/QM rule and investor requirements
by Amy Tankersley Jan 27
Tactile Finance finds opportunity in CFPB’s PMI bulletin
Web-based tool lets borrowers know exactly when to expect their lenders to stop charging them for private mortgage insurance
by Amy Tankersley Aug 19
FindAMortgageBroker.com, an online mortgage broker database, launched
Site connects borrowers to local mortgage brokers with the goal of saving them thousands in traditional bank fees
by Amy Tankersley Aug 17
In the battle for the best mortgage deal, buyers with small loans are losing
Zillow Mortgages analysis finds that mortgage loan borrowers with low loan amounts pay 10 percent more than buyers of pricier properties
by Amy Tankersley May 18
‘Les Invisibles’: 26 million Americans have unscored or 'invisible' credit records
Can alternative credit scoring models help these Americans shed the cloak of invisibility?
by Amy Tankersley May 6
Economists weigh the question: Why is credit so tight for homebuyers?
Data analysis nonprofit finds more than 4 million loans were lost in the last 5 years
by Amy Tankersley Apr 3
As large number of loans come due, those underwater face refi dilemma
by Jack Guttentag Jan 16
People in Real Estate: Sherry Helgoe
by Mary Umberger May 24
Lag between default, foreclosure will grow
by Jack Guttentag Nov 8
How ARM borrowers can time market to their advantage
by Jack Guttentag Mar 8