Corva does a lot of what you already do — but the bones are good: Tech Review
While it calls itself a transaction management app, there's more to Corva than its marketing pitch depicts, and almost as much room for improvement
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 22
13 essential apps for real estate agents in 2023
There’s more to your real estate future than worrying about clearing title and negotiating inspection credits. Before you get to those places, you need to be able to run a business — your business, and there are a lot of tools to help you do that
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 17
Run a better real estate business with Formations: Tech Review
This is as well-designed software as I’ve seen in years, able to offer long-sought relief to any independent contractor who suffers from anxiety or stresses over the numeric nuance of business self-governance
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 7
Lifestyle-driven portal LandOnEarth announces national beta launch
Now out of stealth mode, consumer-facing but agent-backed home search solution enters the market with focus on lifestyle-first homebuying
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 8
'Fin' app wants to be the real estate agent's virtual assistant
App uses voice, text and email to route tasks and requests to a team of human executive assistants
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 12