Homebuyer sentiment hits new low for 3rd month in a row
Only 17% of Americans surveyed in May said it was a good time to buy a home, breaking previous record lows of 19% seen in April and 24% in March
by Matt Carter Jun 7
How do buyers and builders see the housing market? The Real Word
This week: Byron Lazine and Nicole White discussed the differing views of homebuyers and homebuilders when it comes to the housing market
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This is what the average American's dream home looks like
New builds, spacious rooms and plenty of privacy are the top must-haves for aspiring homeowners
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Immigration policy concerns swayed 15% of homebuyers, sellers in 2017
Part one of Redfin's housing market sentiment survey underscores effects of politics and society
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Homeownership goals remain strong despite volatile market
75 percent of Americans still say homeownership is part of their future plans
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Consumers think economy is doing well, but they aren't buying homes
NAR: How are consumers feeling about buying and selling?
The fourth-quarter NAR Housing Opportunities and Market Experience survey is out
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