Byron's Stories
Should agents make name tags part of their daily routine?
Do what makes you feel the most confident
Jul 19
How to avoid misinterpreting text messages in real estate
Do everything you can to get ahold of the person, and then let it go
Jul 12
Is it easier to sell in a good market or a bad one?
Weighing the pros and cons of market changes
Jul 7
When is a 1-hour open house beneficial?
Creating the appropriate sense of urgency for your listing
Jun 30
When should agents attend the home inspection?
The verdict: Consider the relevant factors for this scenario on a case-by-case basis
Apr 25
What’s the buyer’s role in the appraisal process?
Remember, the buyers are paying for it, and it’s for them
Apr 18
Should listing agents be present at the appraisal?
Only attend if you can add value to the process
Apr 12
Can you make as much money on a team as a solo agent?
If you find the right fit, it's entirely possible to make more
Mar 31