The dawn of a new administration is already bringing hopeful energy to a city that's seen a lot of turmoil in recent months
by Lillian Dickerson Jan 19
Standing on the steps of the Capitol in a now deleted video, Frisco, Texas, agent Jenna Ryan appears to say, 'Y’all know who to hire for your Realtor. Jenna Ryan for your Realtor.'
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District buyers face lowest supply of homes on record
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DC couple in their 70s embark on new marriage and innovative renovation of a historic row house
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New condos in 119-year-old building offer unique historical opportunity for DC homebuyers
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Increased listing activity, price appreciation not reducing supply
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The bustling community in the heart of Washington, D.C. is one of the area's finest
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An 11-bathroom commissioned in 1904 goes on the market
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