Building a top-producing team takes work. It's not just about having talented team members on board — it's about cultivating those talents, setting team and personal goals, pushing for innovation, and a few other steps
When it comes to your team, providing clear direction on how to communicate and who to reach out to is crucial to driving business forward now. Here's how to strengthen interactions with these four main contact groups
by Kathleen Black May 14
Do yourself and your team a favor: Establish strong onboarding and training systems to make achieving your goals more seamless and systematic
by Kathleen Black Feb 13
Reinforce the behaviors you want repeated on a regular basis
by Brian McKenna Aug 15
Your center of influence is invaluable
by Tim & Julie Harris May 24
Leverage your center of influence to ensure a robust selection of leads
When your center of influence decides to buy or sell a home, you should be the agent handling that transaction

Your center of influence (COI) is tremendously important to your real estate business, and just like any of your lead-generation tools, it requires nurturing and maintenance to remain effective.

by Tim & Julie Harris Sep 30