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Wanted for real estate leadership positions: Talented and successful real estate agents who would like a far more restrictive schedule, a probable reduction in pay and increased responsibility.

Oct 7

Recently, I heard a real estate guru describe call reluctance and action plans to overcome it. It made me question if call reluctance is symptomatic. Many real estate agents might be actually be experiencing success reluctance.

Aug 18

Do you want the people who make up your center of influence, or COI, to think of and refer you when they or someone they know wants to buy or sell real estate? Of course you do! Are you doing all you can to encourage this to happen on a regular basis? Let’s see if a bit of psychology dating back over a century can help.

Aug 15

Running your own business can be very consuming. You commit energy, attention and time to client wants and needs — often at the expense of your own. We end up measuring success by our checks and put off the ongoing maintenance our business requires to remain healthy and vibrant.

Jul 28

Selling a home is a tough business, in that, there are a lot of balls in the air at once between the open houses, last-minute showings and keeping your home in staged-perfect condition at all times. Add a kid (or two or three — or more) to the mix, and you have some stressed out parents who happen to be selling their home. For those reasons, I’ve come up with this list of 10 tips for selling your home with kids.

Jul 25

As a real estate agent, your days can be long and filled with lots of trial and error, but you have to stay motivated and upbeat to be successful day-to-day. Are you feeling down, listless and uninspired? Not for long! Here are five ways to pump up your day!

Jul 22

Champions train. Losers complain. Are you stuck in a loop of problem identification — unable or unwilling to shift into a problem-solution mode? If so, you’re not alone, and there is hope. Here are five steps to help you find happiness in real estate.

May 25
Quit or commit today
Nov 23