5 takeaways from Compass REtreat on seizing a slowing market
Five of Compass' top real estate agents, team leaders and executives shared tips for recruiting, marketing, generating leads and maintaining their mental health during a market shift
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Robert Reffkin gets real at Compass REtreat: 'Hope is not a strategy'
At Compass' annual REtreat in Atlanta, CEO Robert Reffkin used his keynote to give an honest and intimate review of his company's post-IPO performance and cast a vision for the future
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4 things to watch as Compass' annual conference unfolds this week
Compass became the largest company of its kind in the US this year, but is holding its annual gathering as the real estate industry navigates uniquely troubled waters
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Robert Reffkin shares the 'magic' of Compass at REtreat Conference
Compass CEO Robert Reffkin kicked off his brokerage's first in-person conference in over a year with a reflection on how COVID changed him and the company.
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