As with the overwhelming majority of cyberattacks, the most effective defense against real estate fraud is awareness. Here's how you can keep yourself and your clients protected
by Zack Schuler | Jul 2
MetroList allegedly paid $10K ransom after being compromised by hackers, leaving more than 20K subscribers without a functioning system for nearly 2 days
by Andrea V. Brambila | Jun 12
Cyberattacks have hit some of the largest companies in the world, so safeguard your clients now
by Chip Poli | Jul 22
No evidence sensitive information compromised
by Paul Hagey | Jun 27
Service may be intermittent as sites are moved to more protected network architecture
by Andrea V. Brambila | Jun 20
Open letter from Steve Berkowitz
by Inman | Jun 20
'Several days' will be required to migrate services to new network
by Paul Hagey | Jun 19