Lesson Learned: You are the brand
Chicago real estate agent and podcast host Dave Nimick found out that the service you provide makes the difference, no matter what happens in the market
by Christy Murdock Sep 12
6 time management tips for brokers and team leaders
If you are managing other agents, an administrative team, or an entire brokerage company, these time management tips are for you
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A group of millennials on their phones
Being 'new' is something that every agent contends with. Millennial agents have the additional challenge of fighting some unfair stereotypes
by Dave Nimick Oct 21
Hate networking? Here’s how to make it less painful
Every agent knows that networking is essential, but many either don’t know where to start or just plain don’t want to. Learn why it's so critical and what your options are
by Dave Nimick Oct 1
Lesson Learned: Embrace change
Think you can keep doing business the same old way? Chicago’s Dave Nimick says you need to update your game to keep your business growing
by Christy Murdock Sep 30