RealtyTrac: Foreclosures surge in New York, Tampa, Philly and Chicago metros
by Inman Oct 24
RealtyTrac: Short sales on track to overtake REOs in California, Arizona
by Inman May 16
RealtyTrac warns distressed-property 'dam ... will eventually burst'
by Inman Apr 12
Foreclosure activity falls year over year for 16th straight month in January
by Inman Feb 16
RealtyTrac: New state law results in a 75% drop in default notices in Nevada
by Inman Nov 10
RealtyTrac: Default notices rise 14% from second quarter
by Inman Oct 13
RealtyTrac: Foreclosure activity sees monthly rise in August
by Inman Sep 16
RealtyTrac: Foreclosure activity drops to lowest level in nearly 4 years
by Inman Jul 14
Default notices drop to lowest monthly total since December 2006
by Inman Jun 15
Average foreclosure timeline grows to 400 days
by Inman May 11
Utah foreclosure rate: No. 2 in nation
by Inman Dec 16
RealtyTrac: Overall foreclosure activity flat from October 2009
by Inman Nov 10
RealtyTrac says 'robo signing' troubles will likely reverse trend
by Inman Oct 14
RealtyTrac: Notices of default drop, REOs at record high
by Inman May 13