Consumer homebuying sentiment has plateaued at 'pessimistic'
Most Americans polled by Fannie Mae last month said they would rather buy than rent, but a record-high 82% also said August was a bad time to buy, citing affordability concerns
by Matt Carter Sep 8
Economy's strength could keep a damper on existing-home sales
Lack of inventory driven by mortgage lock-in effect may persist if Federal Reserve maintains 'higher-for-longer' rate strategy to combat inflation: Fannie Mae economists
by Matt Carter Jul 19
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Consumer confidence in the housing market 'appears to have plateaued at a relatively low level,' said Fannie Mae Chief Economist Doug Duncan in a new homeowner survey released on Friday
by Matt Carter Jul 7
Fed tightening likely to produce a 'modest recession:' Economists
Federal Reserve's decision on how high and long to keep rates up 'a major risk over the next year' with question of a downturn more a matter of 'when' than 'if': Fannie Mae
by Matt Carter Jun 26
Housing is outperforming, but recession may still be in the cards
Fannie Mae economists say 'extraordinarily tight' inventories of existing homes driven by mortgage lock-in effect has shifted demand toward new homes
by Matt Carter May 19
Consumers finally get it: Mortgage rates are probably going down
More optimistic outlook of where mortgage rates are headed over the next 12 months drives the largest increase in Fannie Mae's Home Purchase Sentiment Index in more than 2 years
by Matt Carter May 12
Home sales will be 'subdued' for rest of 2023, Fannie Mae projects
The housing sector's resilience to higher prices and mortgage rates has bolstered prices, but a lack of for-sale inventory is expected to limit sales, according to Fannie's latest monthly forecast
by Matt Carter Apr 25
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Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey shows Americans were feeling less secure about keeping their jobs in February, and nearly 8 in 10 think it's a bad time to buy a home
by Matt Carter Mar 8
'Modest' recession could put a lid on 2023 home sales: Fannie Mae
Economic downturn could put a damper on a promising start to the spring homebuying season, but set the stage for mortgage rates to ease and sales to rebound in 2024, Fannie Mae predicts
by Matt Carter Feb 22
Home prices are looking softer to Fannie Mae economists
National home prices are projected to fall 6.7% over the next 2 years, with sales also expected to drop 21% this year to a level not seen since 2010, Fannie Mae forecasters said
by Matt Carter Jan 20
Improved mortgage rate outlook could bode well for home sales
Fannie Mae economists not quite as gloomy about 2023 home sales outlook as mortgage rates retreat from 2022 highs and with potentially more room to ease
by Matt Carter Dec 19
Homebuyer sentiment up slightly in November for first time in 9 months
Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey shows consumers remain concerned about factors, including the outlook for home price declines, mortgage rates and access to mortgage credit
by Matt Carter Dec 7
Fannie Mae economists see home sales bottoming next year
Sales expected to drop to lowest level since 2008, and the growing lock-in effect — the financial disincentive to sell — 'will remain in a way that has not occurred in over 40 years,' economists say
by Matt Carter Nov 21
Homebuyer sentiment falls for the 8th month in a row to all-time low
Only 16% of those surveyed by Fannie Mae in October said it was a good time to buy a home, and the percentage who said it's a good time to sell also fell, according to new data released Monday
by Matt Carter Nov 7
For the first time, Fannie Mae now expects home prices to fall next year
Economists at Fannie Mae project national home prices to decline by 1.5% and home sales by 21% in 2023 as Fed continues inflation fight
by Matt Carter Oct 12