The massive title insurance company left millions of documents — with sensitive data including SSNs — available for unauthorized users to see
by Jim Dalrymple II | May 26
The company's stock closed up more than 25% Friday, bucking a pattern of losses following other recent earnings reports
by Jim Dalrymple II | Feb 22
Revenue was up 4.8% over last year for the franchisor, and net income was reported at $6.3M
by Patrick Kearns | Feb 21
The online brokerage's stock price surged in after-hours trading Thursday. The earnings beat comes as Redfin works to expand multiple parts of its business
by Jim Dalrymple II | Feb 14
The U.K.-based company reported that both listings and revenue are growing in the US
by Jim Dalrymple II | Nov 7
Freddie Mac CEO says the mortgage-backed securities company produced 'strong earnings' in second quarter
by Patrick Kearns | Jul 31
The Seattle-based real estate brokerage’s loss widened dramatically from $1.8 million last quarter, but still grew revenue 33% from 2017
by Patrick Kearns | May 10
Earnings, agent count and operating expenses all rose above 2017 levels
by Patrick Kearns | May 3
Real estate company posted net loss for the fourth-quarter and full-year 2017, but strong revenue growth is telling
by Mike DelPrete | Feb 9
Government-sponsored enterprise marks 14th consecutive quarterly profit
by Amy Tankersley | May 11
Shortfall could impact proposal to increase CEO compensation
by Amy Tankersley | May 8