Fannie Mae says starting April 15, more homebuyers will qualify for a program requiring full interior and exterior inspections that capture data and images throughout the property
by Matt Carter Mar 21
Industry groups continue to object to new Fannie and Freddie fee aimed at some riskier borrowers as a burden on lenders and middle-class consumers
by Matt Carter Mar 17
By one measure, the mortgage giants have built up two-thirds of the reserves needed for them to be released from government conservatorship
by Matt Carter Feb 27
Homebuyers can potentially save $600 to $1,200 a year by applying for a mortgage with multiple lenders, according to a new analysis released Thursday by mortgage giant Freddie Mac
by Matt Carter Feb 21
The mortgage giants' federal regulator eliminates upfront fees for first-time homebuyers of limited means, but some better-off borrowers will see increases starting May 1
by Matt Carter Jan 20
The big run-up in home prices may have cooled, but the 2023 conforming loan limit will be increased by 12% to $726,200 in most parts of the country
by Matt Carter Nov 29
A slowing market is taking a toll on big real estate companies, though not every firm is suffering equally. A look back on the past 3 dramatic weeks of third-quarter wins, losses and draws
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 14
Fannie and Freddie remain profitable but are setting aside pots of money to cover future losses in the event that falling home prices drive up defaults
by Matt Carter Nov 8
Regulators order mortgage giants to eliminate upfront fees on many purchase loans in order to help first-time homebuyers of limited means, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said Monday
by Matt Carter Oct 25
Integration with Freddie Mac's HomeCoach tool lets housing counselors access automated underwriting tools used by mortgage lenders
by Matt Carter Oct 18
The nation's largest wholesale mortgage lender moves to capitalize on rule changes by mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac aimed at helping borrowers save on their closing costs
by Matt Carter Oct 3
Moves by Rocket and United Wholesale Mortgage could help borrowers get better rates and make smaller down payments when taking out loans that were previously classified as jumbo
by Matt Carter Sep 7
The Michigan-based and third-largest wholesale mortgage lender aims to cut costs by more than $100M a year in response to an 'extremely challenging' lending environment
by Matt Carter Sep 2
SingleSource Property Solutions and Voxtur launch an alternative to title insurance that's designed with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's new guidelines in mind
by Matt Carter Aug 23
Like its sister company, Freddie, Fannie Mae remained profitable in Q2 despite pressure from inflation, rising interest rates and worsening affordability, according to earnings released Friday
by Marian McPherson Jul 29