UWM's 0-down loans a hit with buyers, worry consumer advocates
Unlike subprime loans that were subjected to minimal underwriting standards in the runup to the 2007 housing crash, new 0-down loans meet criteria set by mortgage giant Freddie Mac
by Matt Carter Jun 4
Rates ease as inflation gauge moves in the right direction
Mortgage rates have some room to come back down in June after PCE price index shows annual inflation easing to 2.65% in April, and Q1 2024 GDP growth revised downward to 1.3%
by Matt Carter May 31
UWM expands program that dispenses with title insurance
Nation's largest mortgage lender says brokers 'will no longer need to work with a title company or settlement agent for title work, balancing fees, scheduling closing or any related communication'
by Matt Carter May 17
Lamacchia: 'Nothing's changed' about mortgage commission rules
Anthony Lamacchia thinks some agents are reading too much into guidance issued by Fannie and Freddie confirming that sellers can continue to pay buyer's agents' commissions
by Matt Carter Apr 22
Biden's relaxed new Freddie, Fannie refi requirements irk title industry
In a pilot program announced last week, the Biden administration cleared the way for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to let some homeowners refinance mortgages without paying for title insurance
by Matt Carter Mar 11
New rules for scoring mortgage borrowers coming in Q4 2025
Fannie and Freddie's federal regulator wants lenders to synchronize adoption of bi-merge credit reporting with more inclusive FICO Score 10T and VantageScore 4.0 scoring models
by Matt Carter Feb 29
Truv aims to grow mortgage client base with new integrations
More lenders can access Truv's income and employment verification services following recent integrations with Dark Matter Technologies' Empower platform, Freddie Mac and nCino
by Matt Carter Feb 20
Strength in home prices helped boost Fannie, Freddie 2023 profits
With a combined net worth of $125B after earnings this week, the mortgage giants remain on a path that could lead to eventual release from government conservatorship if political winds shift
by Matt Carter Feb 16
New credit scores from FICO, VantageScore gaining traction
Lenders won't be required to use the more inclusive FICO Score 10T and VantageScore 4.0 scoring models before next year, but several are already using them to expand the pool of borrowers
by Matt Carter Feb 14
Mortgage giants offering very low income homebuyers a spring break
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are offering a $2,500 credit this spring that borrowers can put toward their down payment, closing costs, escrow or mortgage insurance premiums
by Matt Carter Feb 7
David Stevens, influential leader in mortgage finance, dies at 66
The former FHA commissioner also held executive positions at World Savings Bank, Freddie Mac, and The Long and Foster Companies before leading the Mortgage Bankers Association
by Matt Carter Jan 17
Fannie and Freddie 2024 loan limits upped to $766,550 in most areas
Surge in Q3 home prices pushes mortgage giants' conforming loan limits in high-cost housing markets to $1,149,825 for single-unit properties, and up to $2,211,600 for 4-unit properties
by Matt Carter Nov 28
VantageScore: New scoring model could qualify 4.9M extra borrowers
Company puts heat on regulators to stick to 2025 timetable for requiring lenders working with Fannie and Freddie to use VantageScore 4.0; delays would impact 'creditworthy people of color'
by Matt Carter Oct 30
FHA will consider rent from ADUs when qualifying borrowers
HUD says policy change is intended to help more first-time homebuyers, seniors, and inter-generational families tap the wealth building potential of homeownership
by Matt Carter Oct 19
TransUnion knocks plan to let lenders use 2 credit reports
The plan to move to a bi-merge process allowing lenders to use 2, instead of 3, credit reports was announced last October by FHFA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's federal regulator
by Matt Carter Oct 16