HomePath Ready Buyer program could save first-time homebuyers up to 3 percent off mortgage closing costs
by Amy Tankersley | Apr 15
Senate Democrats want to see more sales to owner-occupants
by Inman | Nov 25
Portal lets agents contact mortgage giant sooner in the process to keep problems from escalating
by Inman | May 29
New channel for resolving valuation disputes and servicer delays
by Inman | Feb 14
$1,000 for buyer's agents, $500 for listing agents on sales closing by April 15
by Inman | Nov 15
Other vendors also expected to add HomePath REO offer forms
by Inman | Oct 23
Incentives reward agents bringing buyers to HomePath, HomeSteps deals
by Inman | Jun 15
Buyers' agents can earn $1,000 bonuses on HomePath sales in 2 states
by Inman | Apr 12
Closing-cost credit, agent bonus pay off
by Steve Bergsman | Jan 7
In pilot program, buyer's agents must submit offers online
by Matt Carter | Nov 19
Buyer's agents eligible for $1,500 bonus on REO sales
by Inman | Sep 23
Appraisal fees, mortgage insurance waived for qualified buyers
by Tom Kelly | Jul 8