Pay close attention to the details, and you'll create a memorable first impression for every buyer
by Cara Ameer | May 25
Do what you say you're going to do, and you'll win your clients over for life
by Brian Hopper | May 2
Improve your understanding of the local market, and make the home more as appealing as possible
by Larry Alton | Apr 17

Watch Zillow Group COO Amy Bohutinsky and Brad Inman discuss how Zillow Instant Offers is changing the game for homesellers and Zillow’s plans for the future. 

by Inman | Sep 14

The other day, I got a call from a potential seller. She left me a voicemail asking if I would call her to help her list her home, but then she said, “But I see that you are not with a local company, so you might not be a good fit.”

by Henry W.Bailey | Jul 5

The thick tension around recent announcements speaks volumes to their heft. Only when something is truly disruptive or threatening do people flip out. A major industry firestorm is raging since Zillow launched Instant Offers, like nothing I have seen in years. What is significant about it?

by Brad Inman | Jun 7

“Inventory,” “low inventory,” “multiple offers,” “low,” “high,” “strong,” “new” — those words paint a clear picture of an unbalanced housing market, one where buyers are competing for too-few homes for sale. One major contributing factor to the state of the market is the fact that fewer homeowners seem interested in selling. But why?

by Amber Taufen | May 10

Our listing descriptions, presentations and attitudes have caused a shift in consumer behavior where it seems nothing less than modern, turnkey and flawless will do. Here are four ways to reverse course and get back to the heart of the deal.


Waiting in a grocery line a few weeks back, I stood behind a woman as she wrote a check. Scary. In the wire fraud age, consider the risk of giving up your name, address, bank routing and account numbers on a piece of paper passed around like a sex worker in the Patpong red light district of Bangkok.

by Brad Inman | Feb 24

A real estate deal is rife with umpteen deal disaster scenarios, every one worse than the next. But the real question is — how do agents revive a transaction that is on life support and about to flatline?

by Cara Ameer | Feb 22

Aaron Wittenstein sometimes cuts his commission by a quarter or more if a seller client brings an unrepresented buyer to the closing table.

by Teke Wiggin | Feb 21

While you can spend hours perfecting charts and graphs and memorizing every fact about a given home, one listing presentation wild card always threatens to undermine your hard work: Client questions that seem to come straight out of left field.

by Ingrid Burke | Feb 20

Some homesellers once told me that if they didn’t get their house sold last summer at the sales price they wanted, they would take it off the market before Thanksgiving and wait to put it back on the market after the holidays.

by Ann Jones | Feb 20

Being in the market to buy a new house can be an adventure full of excitement as well as unknowns.

by Anna Johansson | Feb 14

The 18 months it took to get to my first closing was the best thing that ever happened to me.

by Cheryl Spangler | Feb 8