Purplebricks hopes to repeat success across the pond with self-service tools and agent support
by Teke Wiggin | Sep 14
Hybrid real estate startup is on pace to generate more than $1M in revenue this year
by Teke Wiggin | Mar 21
Assembly-line service, software and lead gen have driven break-neck growth for Redefy
by Teke Wiggin | Sep 21
Redfin will keep vast majority of 30% referral fee for itself, rather than require half to be rebated
by Teke Wiggin | Jan 5
Billionaire's Hawaii brokerage has raised $100M, and is now bringing its tech and discount rates to the mainland
by Teke Wiggin | Dec 30
Expansion into NYC borough further grows high-tech brokerage's footprint
by Teke Wiggin | Sep 4
RealDirect closes 100 transactions in 2014
by Teke Wiggin | Sep 1
Discrimination can be 'covert' and occurs due to a variety of reasons, according to Inman survey
by Teke Wiggin | Aug 19
Seeing agent and broker value propositions change, firm introduces lifetime consultant model
by Paul Hagey | Aug 18
Discounter or lead-gen company? MLS My Nest charges sellers a flat fee of $1,500, promises agents $500
by Paul Hagey | Jul 28
Is lowering the cost really all that technology can do in real estate?
by Morgan Brown | Jul 21
Firm promised to trim agent commissions to 1 percent
by Paul Hagey | Jul 16
Hybrid brokerage claims to be first and only cloud-based real estate group
by Paul Hagey | Jul 16
Novel end-to-end real estate platform launched in June 2015
by Teke Wiggin | Jul 16
Founder Joshua Hunt thought sellers paid too much to agents
by Paul Hagey | Jul 16