Redefy, a high-tech discount brokerage, made the Inc. 500 list like this

Assembly-line service, software and lead gen have driven break-neck growth for Redefy
  • Redefy was recently ranked the 103rd fastest-growing U.S. company by Inc. magazine.
  • Redefy says business practices that have driven its success include an assembly-line service model, cutting-edge tech and regimented lead generation and conversion practices.

Many startup brokerages that announce plans to shake up the housing market with innovative technology and low rates never find their footing, stall or sputter -- dreams of market dominance forgotten. But Redefy Real Estate, a Denver-based hybrid brokerage firm with a mix of "corporate-controlled" and franchised offices, is one of the few that's actually taken off. The startup was recently ranked the 103rd fastest-growing privately held company in the U.S. by Inc. magazine, which uses revenue to measure growth. Time will tell if the up-and-comer can continue to thrive once the market turns and homes become more difficult to sell -- economic conditions that observers say are particularly challenging for discount brokers. But Redefy closed 1,086 transactions in 2015, according to Redefy CEO Jordan Connett. Its company-controlled offices generated $9.6 million in revenue last year, up by more than 3,000 percent from 2012, when Redefy posted $295,000 in revenu...