The massive class-action antitrust suit specifically cites training scripts as evidence KW engaged in steering buyers away from low-commission listings
by Andrea V. Brambila | Jun 19
A real estate advisory firm is suing the NY-headquartered brokerage for underpayment over what it says was a costly minor typo in a years-old contract
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The South Florida agent says she kept receiving telemarketing messages from, even after opting out
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Jury sides with real estate appraisal software startup in lawsuit over trade secrets and fraud
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The DC Court of Appeals overturned the agency's $109 million fine of PHH Mortgage Corporation, but says CFPB is constitutional.
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Former Move sales rep alleges he was wrongfully terminated for refusing to participate in what he believed to be unlawful conduct
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One year from now, a critical agreement about online listings between the DOJ and NAR expires. What happens after that is anyone's guess...
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Trade group offers advice on avoiding costly litigation
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The wife of a man killed in the collision argued that the brokerage exercised control over the agent
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What our presidential candidates have taught me
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A couple in Monterey, California, is suing the former owners of the property and the agent who helped them make the purchase in 2000
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The Seattle-based firm frees up some legal headspace
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Know what you are getting into before you agree
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NeighborCity settles with MLS and brokers, but NAR antitrust fight continues
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