Commit to stellar service when you commit to these 4 pillar principles
In this 5-part series, real estate broker Nick Schlekeway provides proven principles to help agents build their businesses the right way
by Nick Schlekeway Sep 16
9 lessons most other agents are learning the hard way
While others are learning from their mistakes in today's market, you don't have to. Find out what you should be doing right now to boost your real estate business
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Lead gen is not enough. Here's how to nail down lead conversion
In the last of his 5-part series, broker Nick Schlekeway looks at lead conversion. What is it, and why do so few agents ever get good at it?
by Nick Schlekeway Sep 11
Zillow's Spencer Rascoff launches AI personal assistant heyLibby
The latest product of Rascoff's 75 & Sunny Labs, heyLibby takes care of engaging and tracking leads for business owners. The free platform takes less than 5 minutes to set up, company said
by Marian McPherson Aug 17
Exceptional agents get serious about these 4 pillars of service
In the 1st part of his 5-part series, broker Nick Schlekeway looks at the way service forms the basis for real estate agent success
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NAR's incredible shrinking membership roster: The Download
Take a look at the new membership numbers, then find out how to gain mindshare in your market with a well-developed content marketing plan
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A 6- to 24-month nurture-to-conversion plan for your leads
The work doesn't end once you have a lead. Darryl Davis explains how to turn that possibility into profitability with a month-by-month conversion plan
by Darryl Davis Mar 30
10 top-tier lead generation strategies (and how to convert 'em)
What lead generation strategies should be your go-to choices for maximum lead conversion in 2023?
by Bernice Ross Dec 22
Keller Mortgage taps Mortgage Coach to convert more leads
After conducting 2 rounds of layoffs, Keller Williams' lending arm looks to grow its business by making a popular lead conversion tool available to all of its loan officers
by Matt Carter Jul 26
7 strategies that separate the winners and losers in a shifting market
Getting your mindset right and getting up to speed on the best lead gen tools are essential for meeting the challenges of today's real estate market
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5 tactics to convert referral leads like a Realogy 'Masters Cup' winner
The brokers from this year's winning Realogy teams, Dr. Susan Jenkins of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Native American Group and Nick Pasquini of Century 21 Redwood Realty, spoke with Inman about some of their secrets to success with converting referral leads
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 12
Want better leads? Personalize per your pillar
Each individual lead pillar is different and includes its own measurable results. Here's how to create a specific strategy for planning, tracking and accountability
by Tom Toole Mar 8
How to assess the likelihood that your leads will convert
Tracking and predicting conversions ensures more effective and consistent followup
by Tom Toole Jan 24
CRM Cloze launches new feature to better lead conversion
Cloze has implemented a powerful new feature that places leads in front of the agent with whom they have the best relationship
by Craig C. Rowe Jan 14
Using Chime CRM? Here are 3 next-level tips for maximizing conversion
They say that the most effective CRM is the one you actually use, but lead capture is just the first step. Here's how to use Chime CRM to focus on optimizing your entire process from appointment to agreement, agreement to contract, contract to settlement and settlement to repeat client
by Robert Lucido Oct 13