Cost control time: 5 expenses indie brokers must watch closely
Not knowing your numbers and brokerage key metrics is the quickest path to business failure. Pay attention to cost control to increase your chances of growing a successful brokerage
by Erica Ramus May 20
Clients planning to rent? 10 realities they need to be aware of
House shopping in the coronavirus era is a high-intensity exercise, with homes selling at warp speeds. Clients who are turning to renting as a temporary solution might need to be aware of today's realities. Here are a few
by Cara Ameer Oct 27
EasyKnock debuts new leaseback program
ReLEASE lets homeowners sell their houses, then lease them back for an indefinite period of time
by Jim Dalrymple II Sep 15
EasyKnock CEO predicts lasting pandemic-induced slump to hit this fall
Many U.S. regions are experiencing a surging real estate market, but Jarred Kessler believes it will be short-lived and the market could start to slow as early as October
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 25
Rent prices are slowing faster in cities than in the suburbs: Zillow
Between February and June, annual rent growth slowed 2 percentage points in urban areas while slowing by just 1.4 percentage points in suburban areas, according to a Zillow study
10 ways to avoid blowing your rental deal
Be aware of these potential issues, and you'll save the day for your clients
by Michael Bello Mar 28
More than half of renters opt to renew lease instead of buy
Despite increases, renters are staying put
by Erik Pisor Sep 14
Landlord feeling burned by tenants who leave heat on all the time
by Robert Griswold Mar 21
If one tenant goes AWOL, is other entitled to full amount?
by Robert Griswold Feb 7
Can landlord charge full replacement value?
by Robert Griswold Oct 19