Erica's Stories

Every year, new agents join the office, and others leave. Your job as broker or manager is to look for red flags and identify which issues, life events or frustrations can affect your agents and staff members right now. Here are a few to watch out for
Dec 29
Here are a few behavioral changes that indicate an agent is planning to make a switch
Dec 17
Take time to look at the big picture of your business to be better prepared for next year
Nov 23
Opening an indie brokerage allows you the freedom to set your own rules. These are the stories we tell ourselves, but here's the real truth
Nov 16
If you're thinking about opening your own independent brokerage, here are a few things you should know
Nov 5
Be selective, take your time and if you make a mistake, don’t be too proud to fix it
Oct 15
As a broker in 2020, if you want to keep your team intact — let alone grow it in numbers — you need to keep your finger on the pulse of what's going on. Here are 3 issues you need to factor in and learn from
Sep 17
Brokers can bring so much to the table by offering coaching opportunities to agents. Your motivations, guidance, advice and availability is critical to their success. Here are a handful of coaching tips brokers should heed
Aug 20