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Take proactive steps now to avoid future problems
Mar 14
To position your brokerage for success in 2018, follow this step-by-step guide
Jan 15

Real estate agents switch offices — that’s a fact. If you’ve got agents working for you, you know that some will leave the business completely, and the ones who make it may leave you for another firm.

Aug 30

If you read Facebook posts from frustrated agents debating whether they should find another job, you’ll often see a pile-on of positive advice: Keep going! Don’t give up yet! Success will come if you just switch offices, try harder, or buy this new lead gen product!

Aug 28

The phone rings, and when you glance at the screen, your stomach clenches. It’s time to make that split-second decision whether to answer the call or send it to voicemail. You take a deep breath and put on your best “client voice,” but your gut is in knots.

Nov 29

There are hundreds of real estate-related groups for networking, tech advice, mastermind discussions and just for fun or venting. Wherever real estate professionals gather — online or in person — you’re sure to hear similar requests for help.

Jun 28

If one of your 2016 New Year’s resolutions is to conquer time management, you are not alone. Do a Google search on “time management tips for Realtors(R)” and you’ll find over 47 million results.

Feb 10

Real estate is a service industry. As agents, we spend lots of time and money attracting leads and trying to convert them into clients. But sometimes you’re going to attract buyers or sellers you don’t want to work with, and you’ll find yourself wondering if you should “fire” them. When you’re in that situation, here are a few things to think about before you lose your sanity.

Jan 18