It's protection for all kinds of situations you might not think could happen to your buyer
by Wade Vander Molen | Sep 10
Too many parties with various interests can lead to mistakes
by Wes Miller | Sep 1
SmartProp customers can expect more competitive pricing
by Amy Tankersley | May 8
If you can't answer these basic questions, refer your client to an agent who can
by Bernice Ross | Apr 16
If sale brings surplus, second lender has rights
by Benny Kass | Sep 20
Expect five to eight years of high volume
by Andrea V. Brambila | Jan 13
Myriad issues can complicate legal ownership of a property
by Mary Umberger | Nov 17
REThink Real Estate
by Tara-Nicholle Nelson | Nov 11
Whether buying or selling, be prepared for surprises
by Dian Hymer | Feb 22
Online research helps avoid red flags
by Mary Umberger | Oct 7