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Being friendly and approachable in your branding — and in person — is an essential element for making a positive first impression on prospective clients
Today 1:20 A.M.
Has your marketing presence taken a tumble? It may be time to review your current plan and make sure that you are not making these common errors
Sep 6
Staying safe as a real estate agent is your first priority. Make these 17 best practices into your new daily habits
Aug 9
If you want to accomplish your goals as a real estate professional, you'll need to build balance into your daily practice
Jul 18
Here's everything you need to know about finding a property management company that can meet your needs and makes your life easier
Jul 12
Don't be discouraged if your newly retired homebuyer clients are taking their time. These clients know what they want and are willing to wait for the perfect home
Jul 7
Buying a home is considered one of the most significant milestones of adult life, yet many homeowners are troubled by buyer’s remorse. Here's how to better prepare buyers for the costs of homeownership
May 11
Honesty, transparency and responsibility are key to avoiding legal and ethical missteps. Here's how to make sure you're staying on the right path
May 5