Situation can be a win-win for buyers, sellers
by Tom Kelly | Oct 24
Don't assume FHA loan is a better deal than conventional
by Jack Guttentag | Jun 4
Don't assume loan officer has your best interest in mind
by Jack Guttentag | Jan 9
Don't rely on lead generation sites for accurate interest rate and loan fee combinations
by Jack Guttentag | Oct 31
Many shoppers encounter inaccurate rates, third-party fees
by Jack Guttentag | Jan 10
Federal rule would zap lenders' referral power for third-party services
by Jack Guttentag | Oct 18
Delinquent borrowers to get $108M in refunds from BofA
by Inman | Jun 8
Home Equity Conversion Mortgages grow
by Tom Kelly | Nov 25