Rent for a single-family home grew by 2.5% in September, the largest increase since March
In August, rent prices rose 2.1% across the US, the first time prices rose more than 2% since the start of the pandemic
Rent prices grew by 1.4% in June, down from 2.9% growth last year
'Single-family rent growth slowed abruptly in May as the nation felt the full impact of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic,' says CoreLogic's Molly Boesel
Rent for single-family homes grew by 2.4% in April, a major drop from 3% in March
Rent grew 3 percent in March, a small drop compared to the three preceding months
Nationwide, rent prices grew by 2.9% year-over-year in December 2019 — down from 3% in November
Nationwide, rent prices increased by 3% in November
The cost to rent a single-family home grew by 3.1% in October
Rent for a single-family home grew by 3%, same as last month
Growth has stabilized, but affordability remains top concern
Nationwide, single-family rent prices grew by 2.9 percent
Phoenix saw the biggest price increase with rents rising 7.4% year-over-year
In Phoenix, rental rates soared 7.4%
Rental rates rose 2.9% nationwide and a whopping 8% in Phoenix